We are an alliance dedicated to crushing the Natars, clearing our enemies armies from the field, and building that stupid WW!
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 DAVI appliacation

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PostSubject: DAVI appliacation   DAVI appliacation I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 23, 2010 8:17 am

I am a player on US1 in travian... I would like to apply for the ShapeShifter alliance. I have sent an IGM to Alphabet killer, but I will now fill out the real application and send that too.

-Why are you interested in our group?

I want to be part of a strong and active alliance. I play this game a lot and enjoy the social aspect as well as the 'war game' element. I like to attack things, but I have chosen to be an Anvil for the first half of this server.

Started on the first day and my Pop is now 231, ranked 600

Tribe = Roman

Coord = -23, -21

Only have one village, but I am close to settlers. Next village in maybe 4 -5 days.

I have been very very heavy into field growth. I have left my other buildings small until recently. I produce at approximately 400 of each resource /hr. I brought all fields up to 7 first and then I am making one field of each time into a 10, so I can get the upgrade buildings. I have already reserached all my ground troops infintry types.

I love to attack and consider myself an active and invading player, however, I have decided to play as a "anvil" for the first half of this game. I have built 100+ defensive troops already (mostly Pratorians) and I would be happy to send Reinforcements to allies. I love getting HERO EXP....

I have had ZERO attacks.

I am a very aggressive player, while I am always polite, I love to stay up and send waves of attacks or surprize a player with massive REIN at the last minute. And Yes, I do use GOLD

I am leaving FEAR, they suck and are weak. They are disorganized and have very very little Defense. I was being asked by many players for REIN help (which I gave of course) but there were just too many needing help and not enough active energetic people. I am happy to be out of that weak alliance and Applying to better ones. (I do have a good sense of their strengths and weaknesses though)

I plan of seeing this game until the end. I would like to have a bunch of my villas all close to me. Last server I really focussed too much on 15 croppers and not enough on a strong defensable possition. I just got too spread out and I am going to try a Zerg villa growth here in alittle. Many villas close together. It fits with my Anvil strategy.

I am on Travian constantly. I own my own company and I have to be at a computer most of the day. i have a friend in Amsterdam who watches the account at night and I use my iPhone to check in while I travel or if I am out at the lake.

This is only my second server and I am still new to the game. I am always excited to get help from more experienced players... I am a SyFy fan, and computer nerd, an avid reader and movie watcher. I love history and war games...I am a good and loyal friend and ally.

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PostSubject: Re: DAVI appliacation   DAVI appliacation I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 23, 2010 11:59 am

I think you could fit in but i would suggest right NOW either choose one or the other... you can either be an anvil or a hammer. if you try to do both you will end up weak in both.
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DAVI appliacation
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